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"Medicine - 4 course"

 Subjects  Psychiatry and Narcology, Medical Psychology

"Physical Rehabilitation" 2 course 

 Subject – "Psychology"

  Dental Faculty:

 "Dentistry - 4 course"

    Subjects -   Psychiatry and Narcology, Medical Psychology

   Institute of Nursing:

  "BSN 4 course "

  Subjects -  Mental HealthMental Health Practicum

"Nursing Bachelors 4 course"

    Subject – Psychiatry and NarcologyMedical PsychologyMental HealthBasis of Psychology

Nursing Bachelors one year 1 course"

 Subject -  Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

 "ADN 2 course "

    Subject - Mental Health


Department of psychiatry,  narcology and medical psychology  Address: str. Troleybusna, 14, Ternopil’, 46027 Phone number (0352) 435774 e-mail:

The Staff of   Neurology, Psychiatry, Narcology and Medical Psychology:


Associate-Professor Olena Venger, 

MD, PhD 

E-mail -

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Associate-Professor Yaroslav Nestorovych, 

MD, PhD 

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Associate-Professor Olena Smashna, 

MD, PhD 

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Assistant-Professor Yuriy Mysula, 

MD, PhD  

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  Assistant-Professor Lesya Sas, 

MD, PhD  

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Assistant-Professor Tetyana Gyseva, 

MD, PhD  

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Assistanеt Olga Kostina,  

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Assistant-Professor Volodymyr Bilous, 

MD, PhD  


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The Department of Psychiatry

The Department of Psychiatry was organized in August 22nd 1959. Its clinical base was inpatient department of regional psychoneurological clinic for 25 beds.


The founder of the Department was Associate Professor Vasyl Lastovetskyy, who in 1961 defended his doctoral thesis, and in 1962 was awarded the title of professor. He was the Head of the Department until 1973. During this period the Department developed greatly in different directions (ideological, educational, methodical, scientific, clinical consultation etc.). V.V. Lastovetskyy was a high-educated man, an excellent diagnostician.

IMG_0013   IMG_0017

From August 1973 to June 1975 the Department was headed by Dr. med. Science B.M. Kutsenok. He did much for the design of the Department, organization and further improvement of the teaching work, enhance scientific research and activity of students’ scientific society. For this period is typical interesting scientific work and high activity of students’ scientific society.

The first assistant of the Department since 1959 was Raisa Savelivna Romas. In 1974 she became assistant professor, in 1975 – the Head of the Psychiatry course at the Department of Neurology. Raisa Saveliyivna Romas’ scientific interests included problems of alcoholism, preventive psychiatric care, general promotion of healthy lifestyle.


Since 1990 the head of psychiatry course was Victor V. Degtyar who actively implemented the latest achievements in treatment of alcoholism and alcoholic psychosis.

Since 1995 the teacher of psychiatry course had been S.V. Bilous. From June 1998 he worked as Associate Professor. Under his leadership, the staff of psychiatry course actively introduced new teaching programs in medical psychology, medical ethics and deontology, psychiatry for nurses.

The staff of the Department in different years included:

• teachers N. A. Savelieva (1963)

• V. T. Yashchuk (1973)

• V. V. Degtyar (1974)

• L. Alhimova (1977)

• Y. M. Nesterovych (1989)

• S. Belous (1995)

• R. M. Hnatiuk (1998)

• O. P. Wenger (1999)

• Laboratory assistants A. Dobrovolska (1975-2006)

• M. M. Patrosh (1962-1998)

• senior technicians and anatomist B.V. Sonsyadyk, M. Maksimov, V. Hlushyk, A. Paslavskyi, Z. Hnatyshyn, R. Plyutynska, V. Milashevska, M. Rudakova.


In 1999 by Ministry of Public Health in Ukraine the Department of Psychiatry with general and medical psychology was opened at Medial Academy. In 1999 the head of this Department became a unique in its professional and human qualities, Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor Oleg Chaban. Since then, the focus of scientific work in the Department was focused on studying of endogenous psychoses in dynamic psychiatry. 1 doctoral thesis and 2 PhD thesis were defended during this period. O.S. Chaban put many efforts in order to improve scientific, clinical work of the Department, put it on a new modern level. Under the direction of O.S. Chaban the scientific work of the Department became a part of complex scientific and methodical programs of Ukrainian Research Institute of Clinical and Experimental Neurology and Psychiatry (Kharkiv), implemented progressive psychotherapeutic techniques; improved equipment. Since 1999 assistant of the Department became Venger O.P. In 2004 she became Associate Professor and in 2006 – she became the head of the course of Psychiatry, Narcology and Medical Psychology. The research interests includes pathomorphosis of drug abuse and mental diseases, neurotic disorders, bone mineral density in patients who were treated by neuroleptics, psychosomatic diseases, post-traumatic stress disorder.

The staff of the department has successfully defended 9 theses, including 2 doctoral and 7 PhD ones.

Our present

The current staff consists of the head of the department Doctor of med. Sciences, O.P. Venher,  associate prof.  Ya.M. Nestorovych, O.Y. Smashna, assistant teachers Ph.D. L.M. Sas, T.P. Huseva, Yu.I. Mysula, O.O. Kostina, V. Bilous, 

The head of the department– Venger Olena Petrivna 

C:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\Фото\Фото портрет\Венгер О.П.044.tifC:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\історія кафедри 2016\Кафедра20 12фото\IMG_3257.JPG

  • PhD (2003), assistant professor (2005). Author of 110 publications, including 22 educational-methodical, co-author of 5 textbooks for medical students in psychiatry, psychology, narcology and medical psychology. Psychiatrist of the highest category. She is currently working on doctoral thesis. 

Nestorovych Yaroslav Mykhaylovych 

C:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\Фото\Фото портрет\Несторович Я.М.042.tifC:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\історія кафедри 2016\Кафедра20 12фото\IMG_3264.JPG - - PhD (1979), from 1981 to 1999 - assistant teacher, since 1999 - Associate Professor. The author of 110 publications, including 21 educational-methodical, co-author of 5 textbooks for medical students in psychiatry, psychology, narcology and medical psychology. Psychiatrist of the highest category. 

Mysula Yuriy Igorovych 

C:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\Мисула Юра.jpg– C:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\історія кафедри 2016\Кафедра20 12фото\IMG_3267.JPG

Assistant teacher (2009), author of 10 scientific works, PhD, an English-speaking teacher.

Smashna Olena Yevhenivna - Associate Professor (2015), author of 22 scientific works, PhD. Psychiatrist of the first category, an English-speaking teacher.

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Guseva Tetiana Pavlivna 

C:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\історія кафедри 2016\Кафедра20 12фото\IMG_3270.JPG

– Assistant teacher (2011), PhD in Psychology (2006). After finishing graduate school at the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of Professional Education APS in Ukraine (Kyiv), she worked in Ternopil experimental Institute of pedagogical Education as a teacher, later as the head of the Department of Psychology (2006-2008). Assistant Professor at the Department of social sciences and humanities in Galician Institute named after Vyacheslav Chornovil (2008-2011). Author and co-author of 9 publications, and a manual on psychology of communication.

Sas Lesya Mykhaylivna 

C:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\історія кафедри 2016\Кафедра20 12фото\IMG_3301.JPG

– Assistant teacher (2011), PhD (2004). Since 2003 works as Assistant teacher in Pathophysiology Department, since 2010 works as senior lecturer in the same Department. The author of 70 publications, including 41 scientific and 29 educational and methodical, has 1 patent on invention, English-speaking teacher.

Bilous Volodymyr Sergiyovych 


  • Assistant teacher (2013.). Co-author of 10 publications. Currently is working on PhD thesis. 

Kostina Olga Olexandrivna 

C:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\історія кафедри 2016\Кафедра20 12фото\IMG_3274.JPG

– Assistant teacher (2011). She graduated from Master studies in Neurology in 2010. She is the Author and co-author of 10 publications. Currently is working on PhD thesis.